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Decker pushed official?

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I was at the game today ... was there any tv talk on the first drive when Decker and Cary Williams were jawing a bit, and then the official approached Decker and Decker pushed him out of the way?


I know it hardly matters now - but it looked pretty harsh on Decker's end and had many people talking (AUTO EJECTION!!!). But there was no replay at the stadium and no follow-up. In much of the commotion, I'm unsure that the Ravens bench even saw it.

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I know the play you are talking about. They showed Decker catch a pass that took him out of bounds then Williams gave him a little extra push. Williams then turned around and started walking away and Decker starting chasing him. The official cut between them and held Decker back. After that they went switched camera angles so they did not show Decker push the official on TV. Dierdoff made a comment about Williams and Decker jawing at each other, but that was the extent of it.

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