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Looking Ahead

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Who's shadowing Reggie Wayne next week?


The key once again will be getting some pressure on Luck, he is a INT machine under pressure tossing 18 picks and being sacked 40 times so far.


We need a healthy Ngata next week, so dont suit him up this week..The key next week is for Suggs, Ngata, and Kruger to come up with pressure on Luck so we throw off his timing to Reggie Wayne. He is responsible for 1300 of Lucks 4100 passing yards. We need a shadow on Wayne, Pollard, Williams, Im not convinced Smith can stay in the same stadium with him.

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The Colts are a big play, down the field team so the pass rush and pressure will be very important. Last week the blitzes were timed perfectly and came out of nowhere. They have to do the same thing against the Colts.


Peas will have a plan. He knows what he's got and who's healthy.

Rest Reed. He'll stop the deep ball.

I'd use Ihedibo and find a way to get Omar Brown on the field.

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The offense will be a big part of stopping Luck too. They have to win 3rd down like they did last week against the Giants, win time of possesion and keep Luck off the field. That will keep the defense fresh and wear out the Colts D by the 3rd and 4th quarter.

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