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Dalton playing worse


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He's a no-show.


I generally detest the rush to judgment on every young quarterback in the NFL, because going by today's standards, slow-developing but Hall of Fame careers by guys like Johnny Unitas, Len Dawson and Bart Starr would have never happened, but the Bengals do have to be a bit concerned about which way second-year passer Andy Dalton is trending.

On the plus side, Dalton has quarterbacked the Bengals to their first consecutive playoff trips in 30 years and already has two postseason starts to his credit. But in the two biggest games of Cincinnati's season -- the 13-10 playoff-clinching Week 16 win at Pittsburgh and Saturday's 19-13 playoff loss at Houston -- Dalton essentially didn't show up, leading the Bengals to just two field goals and no touchdowns in each game. Cincy's superb defense scored the lone Bengals touchdown in each game, both on pick-6s by Hall.

By the eyeball test, Dalton is playing worse the longer he plays in the NFL. He finished 14 of 30 for a mere 127 yards and one interception against Houston, but was just 4 of 10 for 3 yards passing in the first half, and no, that isn't a typo. Dalton threw three interceptions in his playoff loss at Houston last season, and that sort of thing does happen to rookie quarterbacks. But in year two, improvement in that same playoff setting wasn't apparent.



Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130106/nfl-playoffs-wild-card-snap-judgments/#ixzz2HHrlnFd8

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