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Ray Rice, fresh because of Pierce

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Some star running backs might view the emergence of a rookie rusher as a threat.

But not Ravens do-it-all back Ray Rice.

The fifth-year running back is glad to see Bernard Pierce rounding into a quality contributor the same year Baltimore selected him in the third round out of Temple.

"He's been great," Rice said of his backfield mate. "When you draft a guy that high, you expect him to perform. But I think he's exceeded expectations. For a guy like me, when you sign a five-year deal, you think about how you even got here. Before I became a starter, obviously there was Willis McGahee. And even when Willis was still here, we worked with each other to take care of each other. I just think that's how you last at running back in this league.

"Guys that continue to go out there and take a million snaps, your body's only going to have so many snaps in them. But coach (John) Harbaugh's done a great job of being able to rotate us in and out, and I can honestly say I'm fresh. I'm fresh in the playoffs and healthy. This is the best I've ever felt, but obviously that's because I have a guy that when he gets in there, we don't lose a step."



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