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RIP Stan The Man Musial

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Good Lord, Im looking at my display of HOF signed baseballs...Dimaggio--dead, Mantle--dead, Matthews--dead, Snyder--Dead,Lemon--dead,Musial--dead, Spahn--dead.... 7 of the 12 in my case are dead


Who do you have that's still breathing?

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Quite a few, plus some that will not get into the HOF because they thaught they were in Pennsylvania....In my 12 case, I have Yogi, Carlton, Brooks,and Palmer..that are still breathing



My next case is a doozie

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The Dimaggio is very special, it was signed on a ball from the early 60's I was offered 700 for it by Lelands in 1994, Joe was still alive then. That piece plus my Unitas autographed jersey are my "most valuable"


Damn dude, I wouldn't give up any of that stuff. DiMaggio and Unitas? Ya' gotta hang on to those.

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I spy an Art Donovan ball! I think I have 12 of those at this point. I have an Ed Reed ball tarnished with Mason's autograph right next to it (had nothing else to give), and a Harold Baines ball tarnished with a Palmeiro autograph.


Got alot of stuff by Arty signed, that bottom ball is Lawrence Taylor, I was at the Barn one night and he and Buddy Ryan pulled up...I always carried a NFL Ball and a baseball with me, never knew who I would run into

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