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Pass Interference


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Another just poorly called penalty by the officials.


I'm watching Pats-Broncos right now... the Pats just made a nice play to deflect a pass intended for a Broncos receiver. The defender clearly had his hand around the back of the receiver and no flag. All is well and good.


I believe it's Clark Kellogg doing the play by play with Jim Nantz... and he says "fans are yelling for a flag, they think if you touch the receiver then it is pass interference. But you can touch him, you just can't turn him or pull him."


Meanwhile... in our game, Frank Walker doesn't even seem to touch the receiver, and clearly gets contact with the ball, and we get "great call, looked legit, can't do that, can't have your hand on the back."


Which is it, NFL? Which is it, CBS? Would be nice if someone could decide on what the rule actually fucking says...




By the way... speaking of bad calls... Chris Mortensen today was saying that while the league likes its new rules protecting QBs, it does not like what Tom Brady was doing (acting like he was throwing a flag), and he thinks they will institute an unsportsmanlike penalty for that kind of action next year. Brady Rule and Anti-Brady Rule. haha

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I'm sick about that call dc.


Solid defensive play and it should have been 4th and long.


Pure bullshit.

Can I call a WAAAAmbulance for you?

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Didn't he do the flip in the endzone?


That's an automatic penalty. You can flip while still on the field and land in the endzone... but if you are in the endzone, you cannot "go to the ground."

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No, with about ten minutes left they flagged a Patriot defender for taunting after an incomplete pass. Initially Simms and Nance seemed to think it was pass interference but the ball was tipped. When they showed the replay the flag was being thrown before the player 'taunted' so according to them, someone else threw a flag.

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