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I already pre-ordered the NFL Films Blu Ray on the 2012 Ravens. I also bought a program from the Super Bowl. Haha


A good friend of mine was there and he brought me back a program. He sat next to Lenny Moore! He said for the final 1:45 of the game that he held his sons hand on one side of him and Lenny held his other hand. He could not stop telling me what a great person Lenny is at age 79.

As a thank you, he's going to take Lenny out to dinner with me and a few friends. Just awesome.


Oh...he walked to the game at the stadium with Steve Young! They just happened to be on the same street at the same time and had a half mile to walk. He said Steve was friendly, talkative and just a regular guy.


He's got photos of all of this. How lucky is that for a Super Bowl experience!?

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Tell Lenny I said Hi, he knows me, I had a 1961 baltimore Colts comic book that I was getting old Colts to sign their pages, I opened it up to Lennys page and he was so impressed with it, that he wanted it..I told him no to the copy that I was getting signed but that I had extra copys of the books at home..20 minutes later he came to my dinner table sat down and handed me a piece of paper, it had is address on it, he told me to stop by anytime to his home in Randallstown with the Comic Book..My son and I drove to his house 2 days later with the book..what a hell of a guy

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