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Good Article by Eisenberg


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I agree....especially on the fan expectation part.

One of the joys as a fan of the Ravens winning the Super Bowl in 2000 was that I knew how hard it is for a franchise to win one....that you can wait decades to experience a Super Bowl winning season. 14 franchises have never won one. To experience that in my lifetime was a huge bonus as a Ravens fan. Now it's happened twice. :gorave:

So, for me,....Joe's contract does not mean he will lead this team to the Promised Land regularly. I do think, that with Joe, the Ravens have a very good chance to win another one before he retires. We had no shot with Boller ect. Locking up Joe gives them the best chance to build another winner....and you can't win one without a very good QB. Joe is that.


Secondly....as a fan I want a competative team. The Ravens defenses of the past guaranteed that. Now with Joe locked up, the string will continue. I want to wake up Sundays thinking that this team has a good chance to win. In this age of parity, having a solid playmaking QB almost guarantees that. I also love the Ravens organizations plan to field a team that can compete and make the playoffs every year. This organization will not mortgage the future. That means they will not win Super Bowls every year, but they will be in position,in some seasons, to make a serious run like this year....and maybe escape with the trophy. History shows the Ravens made the playoffs 5 times in the last 5 years and the 5th time was the charm. The losses hurt but that makes the win all the sweeter.


Now I do have one expectation. Joe needs to earn his future money by being more consistent. No more clunkers or disappearing for a half. To do that the Ravens have to continue to give him the support he needs to succeed with a strong line and pas catchiung receivers.

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I hope we're not expecting too much from Joe. Yes he's had a few clunkers and seemed to lose his way sometimes, but even the best quarterbacks, including Brady and Manning have had off days. I think the difference is, they have the stats to minimize media criticism. I'd like to see Joe throw for over 4000 yards every season, a goal he hasn't met once yet. I'd also like to see him keep up his high TD-INT ratio and get his completion percentage a bit higher.


But, as he has ably shown, Joe is definitely a winner.

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