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Torry Smith isn't panicking and more pressure will be on him....



About three months after the wide receiver was drafted, the Ravens released three popular and productive offensive players, and Smith remembers the talk that the team was headed for some struggles.

"They had cut [Derrick] Mason, [Todd] Heap and Willis McGahee [and] everybody was panicking and saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to be terrible,’” Smith said Saturday before hosting his charity basketball game at Stafford High School, his alma mater. “We were a couple of plays away from the Super Bowl. You just have to trust the guy."

"I think the hardest thing for the fans is just the connection between the guys that we lost,” Torry Smith said. “We lost Ray, and also Ed, who were icons and Anquan [boldin] played a great role over the past few years, and Bernard Pollard plays like a Raven. It takes a lot out of the fans, but it’s just the business side of it, and they get to experience it first-hand. We’ll be fine.”

"You just have to trust and believe in [Newsome],” he said. “He can cut me today and I’d still be a firm believer in him. He has a track record and there’s nothing you can take from that. He’s won two rings, he’s the mastermind behind that. When a guy has that type of reputation, you just have to trust it.”




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