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This is about to get nasty


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Von Miller’s sample collector may have helped other players, too


The onion that resulted in Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s six-game suspension may have additional pungent layers.

Per a league source, the Miami-based sample collector who reportedly conspired with Miller to allow the Pro Bowler to pass drug tests may have done the same with others.

Potential culprits include players who spend their offseasons in Miami, and particularly those who may have skipped their team’s offseason programs to work out in South Florida. If a player shows up for the offseason program, they’re no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the Miami-based collector. (Unless they play for the Dolphins.)

The window for the league’s offseason substance-abuse testing opens on April 20 (ironically) and continues until August 9. Once a player passes that test, he’s free and clear to smoke ‘em if he has ‘em.

It’s unclear whether the league knows of other players who received favorable treatment. But there’s enough evidence emanating from Von Miller’s case to compel a full-blown investigation of every sample the Miami-based collector ever has collected — and of every player who has in recent years opted to avoid his team’s offseason program to train in Miami.

Who spends their time in Miami from the Ravens?

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Maybe this is why so few players test positive. I always go back to the Panthers who had a bunch of players getting stuff from a corrupt doctor but none of them ever tested positive.

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