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Miami vs NO


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should be a good game next Sunday....both pivotal games...and you know it...


If you are going to think because of tonight that Miami is out of reach...Remember...we beat a good INDY team and a decent ATL team...


remind the board pet Tgann (who knows nothing about football) who is a fucking joke!! that Miami didn't just play a poor team...but we played one of the best teams in the NFL on their home ground on Monday Night .......



I still see Miami beating on you..... by at least 7 =)

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Are you ignoring the fact that baltimore held the SB fav houston texans out of the endzone?


Sorry Fin, I see the Ravens marching into the ATM South, and making a statement, Fins were exposed last night, we will capitalize on it.


FIns were exposed? And what about Baltimore?


Give me a break. The young unexperienced team heads into NO one of the toughest places to play on Monday night against a QB who is one of the greatest currently to play and yes we got handled. But to act like this is a sure thing for next is just funny,. If anything this is more of a make or break game for the Ravens.....Who are lucky to be 2-2.. Who are you tied with as the AFC NORTH leader again?


I can't wait until this sunday... Talk all the shit you want about Miami losing to NO but remember , we didn't get embarrassed by the fucking buffalo bills did we?


big difference.

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After next week the Fins will go 3-2, Stealers are on their bye so they are stuck at 0-4

what's funny is you act like the steelers season is over. (it should be but the AFC NORTH is such dog shit this year they aren't out of it)


Quite frankly the Steelers are playing like complete dog shit but are still only a couple games out of reach from your raves......


tell the board pet that Crave....

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FIns were exposed? And what about Baltimore?


You are right we were exposed, as a matter of fact if Iam the Fins D-Coord, i dont even cover Clark or Dickson, they cant catch.


And technically we were not embarrassed by Buffalo, we were embarrassed by our own team, we turned the ball over 5 times, we were only 3 point favs in the game, and we lost by 3..


Lot of stats came true in that game, The Ravens have never won in Buffalo, that stat held true, the margin of victory/loss when we have faced Buffalo had been 2.5 points, that stat held true..


So all is not lost with our season,for whatever reason we struggle with the Bills...Now The Fins on the other hand, We Own

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