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Eisenberg on Loss


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I found myself agreeing with this article all the way through:


Five thoughts on the Ravens’ 19-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium:

The Culprit In Loss
The Ravens defense rose to the occasion against one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, playing well enough to win. With even just a modest amount of offensive consistency, the Ravens could have walked away happy. But their offense stumbled early and never established a rhythm. As has been the case all season, the culprit was the running game. Ray Riceicon-article-link.gif andBernard Pierceicon-article-link.gif gained just 43 yards on 20 carries. For the season, both are averaging less than 3.0 yards per carry. That’s not acceptable. And things aren’t getting better; on Sunday, things got worse. The Ravens offensive line was dominated. Here’s the stat of the game: the Ravens ran the ball on 16 of their 27 first-down snaps, and averaged just 1.9 yards on those 16 rushes. In other words, they were in second-and-long for most of the game, which, asJoe Flaccoicon-article-link.gif pointed out, makes it difficult to put drives together. When you run the ball decently, you can sustain drives. When you can’t run, you need to keep making “chunk” (long) plays to get anywhere. That’s no way to live.



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Eisenberg's a good writer. Rice had a 1.4 ypc in the 1st half. Pierce .7

I've never seen such numbers from a Ravens team.

And it's been that way pretty much all season. The offensive line is just totally dysfunctional and I'm getting sick of seeing it.


Run game coordinator my ass! Castillo has hurt this team with his blocking schemes.

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