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Todays Games Suck

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I have no desire to watch any of them. That's a sad statement from a football fanatic.

I have them on...of course...but what a waste.


Maybe I'll peek at the Beagles game tonight to see if they really are as bad as they looked last week....also to see if Andy Reid actually is Stan Laurel reincarnated and if McNabb looks as disinterested in the game as he did last week.



I don't know if anybody picked this up last Sunday but McNabb was yawning before the game. That's a bad sign for a QB. Either he's nervous as hell or has no self confidence...meaning he's scarted as shit. McNair used to do that before a bad outing.

Wierd that fear would manifest as yawning but it does in certain situations. The mind and body want to shut down the upcomming beatdown.

I learned that from Oprah. ;)


Happy Thanksgiving gang!

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Guest BallTMore

35-3 before halftime!


Yep. I'm also most interested in tonight's NFL Network game, but even that game may be a yawner!



Please get Detroit off Thanksgiving Day. I would be thankful for that.

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Hey Ballt!


They only thing to look for in this game is to try and count how many fans have bags over their heads.

Those fans should stage an 'in masse' halftime walkout to get the NFL's attention on how bad Ford runs that franchise and how abused they are.

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At least it is the Lions, sorry uncle Terry, and I am not setting outside watching a game.


You move it around how many really want to spend this day when I am here with the bird in the oven, at a game. Family and friend will be overe or you will be out and about.


Who is the little kid singing at halftime?

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oh magot brain...


Just a theory....the league is defending keeping the Lions on TV Thanksgiving Day by saying "It's Tradition".


"It's Tradition" really means: "Let those morons waste a day away from family and friends so the rest of the league and fans can be with their families."

The Lions packed it in today...no effort....nada...they deserve to suffer.




OK...Seattle vs Mexico's Team up next....after dinner vomit special.

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