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Good, Cold November Morning!

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Yea....the Ravens own this month! :gorave:


With the bye week adjustments and a nice read of Joe Plantania's article, I'm feeling good about the Ravens chances this year.

Nobody else in the AFC is scary. It's anybody's to take this year.



...the calendar will have turned to November by the time the Ravens play their Week Nine game at Cleveland, the outlook should be positive.

That's because Flacco's 17-5 career record in November is the fourth best in NFL history among quarterbacks with at least 20 career starts during the season's third principal month.

The Ravens have won 77.3 percent of their November games during Flacco's career, a win percentage trailing only Tony Romo (21-4, .840), Daryle Lamonica (19-4-2, .826) and Jim McMahon (18-5, .783), and leading Tom Brady (33-10, .767).

Not only that, the Ravens' lifetime November record of 42-31-1 (.574) is their best during any of the season's four months.

The Ravens have an active winning streak of six straight November games; they have also taken seven of their last eight games played during the month, losing only at Seattle in 2011.

And with three home games on the docket this November.... :gorave:



We have a great month of football ahead of us. Browns, Bengals, Bears, Yets and Steelers!

I'm taking my daughter to the Steelers game Thanksgiving night ...Because....because....I raised her right and she hates Rthslssxxxxbrrrgrrr and the Styeelers. :thumbup:

Going to be a great 5 game run with the Ravens coming out on top.

:bow: Just sit back and watch the miracle happen this month. :gorave:


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"Baltimore- a football town with a drinking problem" was how one newspaperman described Baltimore back in the 60's. Things haven't changed that much and expect Thanksgiving night to be no different. Keep your daughter close by your side, The drinkers will be out in full force, one being my son and his best friend, an Iraqi veteran ex-Marine. One more thing. The Ravens will beat the snot out of the Steelers that evening.

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It's 51 degrees now but it was cold when I woke up at 5am. Going down into the 30's tonight.


Tornado...we'll be fine in our section...very rare for asshole behavior. Besides...those Steeler fans get real quiet and humble when they are losing....and they leave early.

My 2 boys are pissed that I'm taking her. Yea...the Ravens will kick their ass's.

We'll be 8-4 then.... :gorave:

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