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Harbs Schedule


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KVV has given us a peek into Harbs hour to hour schedule...pretty cool.



THERE ARE 168 hours in a week. And if not for exhaustion, many NFL head coaches would use them all. But do all those hours come at a cost? That's a question Broncos coach John Fox and Texans coach Gary Kubiak have had to ask after health scares forced leaves of absence. Just how many hours are we talking? Baltimore coach John Harbaugh agreed to document his week as the Ravens prepped for a Nov. 17 game at Chicago. "There's always more you could do," he says. "But if you don't sleep, you can't function."


5:50 a.m. Wake up on office couch

6-8 Review opponent game tape

8-8:15 Call Ingrid (wife)

8:15-8:30 Breakfast with LS Morgan Cox, K Justin Tucker, P Sam Koch and QB Joe Flacco

8:30-8:45 Meet with team president Dick Cass






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There is a limit to the amount of work that you do in a 24 hour period and remaining productive.. Over work many times is unproductive. Sleep and rest are necessities....and being with your family.

I hope Harbs and his coaches are not burned out game day....but it would explain some of the "bonks".

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