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Harbaugh on Corey Ivy, Chris McAlister


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On why the team chose Ivy over former Raven Chris McAlister: "I think we talked about it on Monday. We’re looking at every single option, and guys that have been here – Chris McAlister and Corey Ivy being the two most obvious guys. And Evan Oglesby comes up, but he’s down in Miami right now. He got signed by Miami recently. Guys that don’t know the system – Travis Fisher was in here today – he’s an example of a guy that’s been playing recently the last four or five weeks that doesn’t know the system. … The two basic differences are Corey can play in the slot. Chris is an outside corner, and we have depth there. All of our guys can play outside, including Cary Williams, and he’s a younger guy and more healthy guy. Those guys can all play outside, which is not as difficult. Playing in the slot is difficult. It’s a linebacker position, it’s the nickel position. All those things are just some things Chris hasn’t done before. So we have to get Chris up to speed if we can get him up to speed. Plus, we do have some concerns about his health. So whether he can play or not and practice and get ready to play in time, that’s a concern for us. Those were the two overriding factors."


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