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Crav wont have far to go for a game


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NASCAR track wants to host a Jaguars preseason game

The Jaguars are already shopping out home games to London.

But the latest place to cast an eye their way speaks English with a slightly different accent.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, the president of Daytona International Speedway wants to bring a game to the infield of the fabled race car track.

“We’ve not had a formal discussion with the Jags here, but we’ve got some great relationships,” DIS president Joie Chitwood said, while wearing a Jaguars jersey and hanging out on the practice field. “There’s always an opportunity.”

The Jaguars have acknowledged the need to become a regional team, and have considered farming out preseason games to places like Orlando or Gainesville or Daytona Beach.

Meanwhile, there’s a race track with a bunch of seats and few events and a big patch of grass available, and Chitwood said he’s looking at college football games, music festivals, UFC fights and soccer matches (apparently just for the cultural irony) are also things they’re looking at.

“With the investment we’re making, we can really compete for those kind of sporting events where really we didn’t have the chance before,” Chitwood said. “The property’s just too good not to use for multiple events, whether it’s the camping, the parking, just the stadium effect. … We can do this. That ball field, which is what we call it, it really fits and makes sense.”

And if nothing else, they already have the Lynryd Skynyrd cued up, so the Jacksonville fans will feel right at home.




More Jags news.

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