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Alouettes G.M.: Every NFL team should be after Duron Carter

Duron Carter isn’t the best known wide receiver on the Montreal Alouettes roster anymore, but Alouettes General Manager Jim Popp doesn’t think that should stand in the way of Carter making the jump to the NFL for the 2015 season.

In comments to Peter King for this week’s Canada-themed edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Popp raved about what he’s seen from Carter during his year-plus with the team. Popp thinks there will be a hot market for a player who finished his collegiate career with more off-field troubles than on-field success when NFL teams can start signing future deals.

“Every NFL team should be after Cris Carter’s son. Duron Carter is a phenomenal athlete. He’s got every measurable,” Popp said. “He’s fast, 6-foot-4, can be a punt returner in the NFL with his size, can run with the ball, has got tremendous body control. When he got on the field last year for us he was just phenomenal. And hopefully he stays healthy this year. He’ll be a highly, highly sought after, Cam Wake kind of guy. This is Duron’s second year, and another year is going to be great for him. But this guy can go in and be a one or two guy. He is phenomenal. He can’t finish in the CFL season and then go to NFL in 2014, but teams could sign him to a futures deal for 2015.”

Carter got looks from the Saints and Vikings before heading to Montreal last year and caught 49 passes for 909 yards and five touchdowns in his first professional season. Another year like that and reviews from scouts equal to Popp’s should lead to a different second chance at NFL success than the one his father capitalized on in Minnesota.


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It is difficult to judge the Northern receivers, wider fields, more pass happy, blocking is almost option from that position. With his size, a punt returner is unlikely, what is his speed like? How is he on contested catches? Can he play in a traditional NFL offense?

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His former quarterback at the community college- http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2013/04/23/duron-carter-nfl-draft/2107981/

"The team that drafts Duron Carter will get the most lazy, whiny & non-work ethic player the nfl has ever seen," Cayden Cochran, Coffeyville's starting quarterback for Carter's season there, wrote on his Twitter account in February. "I played w/him. Horrible person & will be a complete cancer to any team on the board."




I love Cris Carter, great player, turned his life around and while parents can only do so much, I am surprised his son has a work ethic issue, or had one, maybe he as grown up. Rest assured, he will have many teams looking at his son, and his son will go with the highest bidder, I am sure, the CFL doesn't pay that well....

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Sometimes having that feeling of disrespect can light the fire in someone. Maybe that is what is happening with Duron. I get the feeling that he walked around with a sense of entitlement. He expected the NFL and when they didn't come calling it struck a nerve and he now is playing with a "I'll show them" attitude.

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