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It's hilarious what is going on with the Jets. Everybody is forced to say Geno is really good...he's our guy....our starter...we feel great about him.

It's like the Emporers New Clothes.




CORTLAND, N.Y. -- The New York Jets' Geno Smith is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL, according to a recent ESPN survey, but he expects to be closer to the top than the bottom over the next year or two.

"The thing about it is, you have to climb up," Smith told ESPN.com on Saturday after practice. "If I'm No. 32, by this time next year or the year after, I expect to be in the top 5."



This guy is not only bad...he's a disaster.


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They're huffing glue there.....




Dee Milliner's confidence evidently was not shaken by his inconsistent rookie season with the New York Jets.

Milliner, who will enter his second NFL season as the Jets' top cornerback, told the New York Daily News that he believes he is the league's best player at the position.

"The best corner in the league? Me," Milliner told the Daily News in an interview Saturday. "I ain't gonna say that somebody else is better than me."

A first-round draft pick who was benched multiple times last season,http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/11271081/dee-milliner-new-york-jets-says-best-cornerback-nfl


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