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Labor negotiations falling apart


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King's reliable...this is not good.


The negotiations for a new labor agreement couldn't be going any worse.


If the past few days, I've spoken to sources on both sides of the labor talks, and I've come to the conclusion that it'll be an upset if there isn't a work stoppage that either delays or cancels the 2011 season. Many of us in the media have speculated about the chances for a lockout and predicted one is coming, but the total lack of progress over the nut issue in 11 bargaining sessions tells me unless there's a sea-change by one side or the other, you'd better savor the 2010 season because it could be the last football we see for a while.


At the core of the problem is ownership's demand for players to bear an equal part of the cost for stadium construction, debt service and upkeep -- and the players saying it's not their problem. In NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith's recent e-mail to player representatives, he startled player leaders by saying ownership wanted to cut player compensation by 18 percent per year in the new CBA.


I thought the 18 percent number might be an exaggeration, a scare tactic to get players' attention. It's not. The owners, one management source said, have asked that the players' pool of revenue against which the salary cap is calculated be reduced by 18 percent.


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Way too early to start worrying about 2011.


I know there are some differences... but in baseball, we were literally DAYS away from strike/lockout when a deal got made. I'm supposed to believe that it's entirely different in football? That if we don't reach an agreement in the next 6-12 months, then football in 18 months will be shut down?


They could reach an agreement in July of 2011 and the 2011 season would go off without a hitch... a few questions about unsigned players and salary caps... but no football? Not a chance. We all know what strikes do to sports. The NFL is not stupid enough to let that happen. And it won't happen. Call me in 16 months with an update and I'll start to wonder.

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DC, this isn't baseball. The seasons in football mesh, and therefore affect one another.


The second the Suer Bowl is over, the effects of having no CBA agreement will be felt. Honestly, questions about "a few unsigned players and salary caps"? Besides the fact that those are two enormous factors that will change the landscape of the sport, there are countless other issues facing the league, players, fans, and everyone else involved.

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I didn't say there will be no impact. I didn't say an impact wouldn't be felt.


I said getting our panties in a twist about a possible work stoppage is ridiculous.


And... how are baseball seasons not all tied together? No salary cap, sure. But revenue sharing, multi-year contracts, etc etc... Football is certainly unique in many ways, but it's not the only professional sport out there and they all have similarities.


Regardless - the point remains - talking about a 2011 work stoppage before 2010 even starts is silly. Again, if an agreement is reached in July 2011... the 2011 season will go. Sure, plenty of questions about how players get signed and where and fairness, but that doesn't automatically equal a work stoppage.


If all of these factors were such signs of impending doom, you don't think ESPN and others would be ALL over it. I mean, hell, ESPN covers agreements with umpires/referees as if it's the end of the world... in the weeks leading to umpire CBAs and NBA ref CBAs, I remember almost daily updates. But I hear little to nothing on a regular basis about the NFL. I'm sure it will pick-up a bit in the off-season, but still... little to nothing. That tells me all I need to know about just how 'impending' the doom is.

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I said getting our panties in a twist about a possible work stoppage is ridiculous.[/]


Its not, the 16 teams cannot sign FA's unless they lose one..Just look at what might happen, the Steelers could of went out and signed anybody they wanted at no penalty to them because they failed to get in the playoffs. This is a direct result of the CBA expiring next season..


And comparing Baseball to Football, the Player Representitves always came out of meetings and ran right to the press with updates..I remember Mark Belanger doing that back in the late 70's.


Maybe thats why Football is the King of Sport, their meetings and solutions arent played out in the media.

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The article that the whole post was started on says in its second line... "it'll be an upset if there isn't a work stoppage that delays or cancels the 2011 season." And then "you'd better savor the 2010 season because it could be the lat football we see for a while."


That's panties. Twisting.

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