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Anyone watch the Seattle/GB game?

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They just might as well cancel the rest of the season and go to the SB with the same

two teams and the same results.


While the Ravens started defense of their title getting stomped in Denver last year, there is no SB hangover for Seattle scoring 36 pts vs GB while appearing in SB form already. Ravens website has article from PR man that it's time to shut up and play football.


Seahawks always play well at home but 36 points?


Coaches make all the difference in the world as Pete Carroll has his team psyched up already and

last year the Ravens were in a SB hangover.


Might as well start the SB now.





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Yea everyone is on Seattle's jock....we'll see how they do on the road and during the rest of the season. It's not hard to get up for the home opener, the first game after a SB victory. They will be gettting everyone's best shot AND they won't have the drive they had when they were the hunters instead of the hunted. They won't repeat.

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Good points guys but I'm not a Seattle jock, just stating the facts and while I'm at it, I'm removing the scarsasm from the OP after our

game today. No way the Ravens beat them or Denver with all those dropped balls.


And again, the coaching factors into it. HARBs didn't have the team up like Pete did. I mean 36 pts vs GB and we couldn't beat

them last year.


Yea, we lost Boldin and had injuries to the line but still could have gotten into the POs. At one point we were only 6 pts from getting

in. By the end of the year we only needed 11 more points to make it, like the big play to GB last year and again today to Cinci. We're

still giving up the big play. Boldin wouldn't have made the difference because he requires a tight window and Joe was the most

blitzed QB in football and even injured his knee. He was running for his life and wouldn't have had the time to get the ball into

that tight window like he did in the SB.


But again, HARBs sucked going for the 2 pt conversion and not having the team ready. On that last blitz on Joe, the guy came in

un-touched. There was supposed to be a RB to pick him up. Wagner had his man covered on the outside. That's not on him.

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