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20th anniversary Ravens patch...Ravens-20th-Anniversary-Patch.jpg


I want one! Time for a new jersey this year too.


If I was a GM of a playoff caliber team I would have given up the 2nd round pick for Tucker and paid him top 3 money if he would sign a 5 year deal. He's a sure thing. The 2nd round pick isn't. He has a shot at being the best kicker ever in the NFL. A game changer. Clutch.I would be set and special teams would be set...no worries.


I want revenge opening day. I think this team does too. I think they will kick Denvers ass.


No friggn'n idea who the Ravens TE's will be this year. This offense is built for TE's and that aspect is getting wasted. Supernaw and Gilmore? Uhuh. That's dreaming as far as the passing game goes.


Does Marlon Brown emerge this year? He better. I like Campanaro. I like Aiken...especially his hands and desire to make the play. But can these guys produce against the Really good secondaries?


I can't wait for the draft this week. This will make or break this team. Not just for this year, but if Ozzie puts together another very good draft like last years, then this team will be a serious contender for the next few years. Hell...I can't wait for Camp...I was trying to count the days this morning.


I love Forsett but they need a scary RB to go with him. The running game is so damn important. It's the offenses chance to bully defenses and set them up. Run the ball and the swagger and confidence follows.


Brandon Williams makes the Pro Bowl.


I'm also feeling a sweep of the Steelers this year. They've got no Swag. :gorave:









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TE situation is weak to say the least. But I do think we're going to rough up the Broncos in a revenge game.


The draft is crucial. I'm confident they'll find a RB. They'll draft a tight end and a speedster wide receiver. Not sure if we're drafting high enough in the second round to pick Maxx.


Don't be surprised if Gresham or Miller wind up here later in the off season too.

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Due to all the injuries last year the Ravens have a ton of players with playing time and game experience. That builds depth. Next man up this year should be better.


I'm really getting up for this game and it's months away...



Think Canty has anything left in the tank? He brings leadership and desire...but they need playmakers. They have to win the one on one battles.


OJ Brigance is one fine, special person. I followed him on the Stallions and he nails it here...



Although there are many tremendously, talented football players in the nation, not everyone has the internal fortitude and makeup to be a Raven. It goes beyond the 40-yard dash, beyond how physically strong the person is, beyond the outward appearance.

It is the heart of a person that makes them a Raven.

In our weight room, on both sides of the red, piercing Raven eyes, are six words that characterize our style of play. These words are: Attitude, Compete, Physical, Fast, Relentless and Finish. Almost every team in the NFL strives for those attributes, but the condition of the heart is what makes them obtainable week in and week out.

There are four words to describe the heart of every Raven: resilient, integrity, sacrifice and excellence. I have never been around a group of people like the Ravens, who are able to pick themselves up in the face of adversity and continue forward with the end goal in mind. There is no quit in a Ravens heart until everything that can possibly be done, is done. Not only will we not quit, but our integrity will constantly steer our actions towards doing it the right way. I have heard it said that we are never judged on our intentions, but by the end result of our actions. I submit to you that intentions should be weighed before forming opinions and intentions put forth with integrity, most often lead to actions that are righteous in the end.

There is a daily sacrifice that occurs within the Ravens organization. It is a daily submission of self for the betterment of the TEAM. While the concept may be foreign, behind the gates at 1 Winning Drive, the ability of each individual to do their role to the very best of their ability, with the TEAM in mind, has created a culture of success. It is not just about fulfilling your role, but doing your job with a spirit of excellence. Every role isn't visible on Sunday afternoon, but every role seen and unseen contributes to our TEAM success. The spirit of excellence will never allow complacency with the status quo to exist. We are constantly looking for ways to get better.http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/OJ-Brigances-Message-To-Ravens-Nation/6e2d38a7-7ecf-402a-8d36-cd59d730264e



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Brigance is a very special guy. I followed him with the Stallions too. He was a good linebacker to boot.


Max, we have guys with experience but, let's face it, WR is a big question mark with unproven receivers and a lack of deep speed. TE is a mess though I think Gilmore will surprise everybody. But there's no second TE that was a feature last year. We lack depth at all the receiver positions.


We need a superior draft. Oz and DaCosta have the ability. Now they have to execute.

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Nice video...thanks.


The Ravens have to run the ball well this season because it will take time for these guys to develop. Aiken, Camp, Brown and Gilmore have experience in the system which is a big plus. One or two of these gvuys has to emerge as a playmaker....and a chain mover that can bail Joe out.


Had to post this....sweet!


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Love hearing this....




In a recent conference call with season-ticket holders, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti expressed confidence that the two sides would be able to work out a deal next year.

“I'd definitely like to. It's good to hear him say that,” Flacco said. “This has been my home for a good amount of time now and I consider it to be that. You think every now and then but not too much, honestly. You just go out and play and all that stuff will take care of itself.” http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-dennis-pitta-optimistic-about-return-20150425-story.html


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