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Is WR Jeremy Butler the next undrafted Ozzie find?


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Has incredible mini camp. Flacco said he must have caught everything thrown his way for 1500 yds

including some difficult side line plays. He's 6'2 and 218 lbs so he's another big one with Perriman

and Waller both of whom have shined.


He had great training camp last year before injury late in pre-season side lined him for year

but he came back in great

shape and driven to succeed. Says he is more comfortable in slot receiver position.


There's a lot of good receivers in camp and Ravens are giving them all a good look see but Butler

could be the next Ozzie undrafted find as he separates himself from the pack.




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History says no, but I have seen flashes. However, there have been many, many receivers who had "great camps", I can show you clips of Clarence Moore in camp making insane catches, breaking through press coverage, making the tough catches over the middle against a Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ed Hartwell types..


But when the games started, he was a lost puppy, couldn't catch a cold, hard alligator arms going over the middle.... The late great Sockdolager even asked him straight up during a camp interview we did about the differences between his practice performances and games; Clarence could only say he was trying his best.


The Ravens have four receivers on the team with the exact same skill set, Butler being one of them. I doubt they keep all four, so time will tell.

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I'd rather a guy have a great ota/mini camp than have a bad one, he can only do what he is allowed to do at this point. We'll find out about this guy when they put the pads on. 6-2 218 and wants to play the slot, if his hands are as good as the reports are making them out to be i'd rather have this guy than Campanaro who can't stay available.

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Campy wasn't even allowed to practice because of a quad.


He's always getting hurt including last year. Damn shame because he had good hands and

is a return guy.


Joe said you're going to be excited about these young guys. He said Butler must have had 1500

yds in 3 days of practice catching everything thrown at him including some tough side line throws.

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Good point about the pads but all the reviews have been great and unless he re-gresses during

the preseason, he made the team and probably first string with a good performance in exhibition games

like during mini camps.


Dont forget, they want to give SR less reps in the slot because of his age and save some of his

energy and Butler is more suited for the slot.


All that said, we've heard all this before from Marlon Brown as the next phenom who didn't turn it up

last year and hasn't had great camps this year.

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