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Jimmy Smith still isn't cleared to play, should we be concerned


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The odds are in our favor that most come back from this foot injury within

15 months. Jimmy should have a bounce back year but he's still not going

to be in 100% perfect condition running at full speed in the beginning.

He was at the last mini camp.


Other notable players had this injury and returned including

Maurice Jones-Drew,Santonio Holmes, and Le'Veon Bel.

Here's a detailed description complete with pics.



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Good point.


The last Sun article on the last mini camp was that he was there and he was progressing.

It still takes time and he won't be running at full speed when he is cleared to play.


Damn, we go to the SB last year if he's playing. NE wouldn't have scored on his side.

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Yes he is but don't forget, it's a 15 month injury sorta like an

achilles tendon. Even if he can play in week 1, he hurt foot

in week 5 last year, he won't be running as fast as normal.


It could take half the season to get up to full speed but that is

just a guess. He's still not 100% by week 1.


Meanwhile, Ozzie has improved the secondary. He signed

Kendrick Lewis whom I expect to beat out Elam. The safties

could be Hill and Lewis this year.


He also signed Arrington in a great move who will probably

play nickel when Jimmy does return but he could take his

place til he's ready.


We still have AsA and Melvin is coming back with more experience

and coaching.


This is a much better unit even if it takes half season for Jimmy

to get to 100%.

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