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Ravens meeting in Jupiter set the tone for the off season


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Did the Ravens have a good off season? We're about to find out. Kevin Byrne said

Perriman is in the bldg and is huge with large hands and everyone is excited about him

teammates and club officials.


The top brass met in Bisciotti's home in Jupiter, Fla after the SB and formulated the plans

they would follow for the rest of the year.


They talked about Ngata's contract and trading him if necessary which they did.

They talked about renegotiating Suggs which they did.

They talked about the importance of signing Jimmy Smith which they did.

They knew Torrey Smith would walk and he did.

They knew Rex Ryan liked Tyrod Taylor and he signed him in Buffalo.

Ravens then signed Schaub as backup.


They talked about receivers and drafted Perriman.

They talked about TE. They knew Daniels might follow Kubes to Denver and he did.

They knew Maxx Williams was the best TE in the draft and got him.


They knew they had to beef up the secondary and they did signing Arrington and

Kendrick Lewis and drafting Trey Walker.


All this came together from a 3-day meeting in Jupiter, Florida.


Now we're about to find out if they had a successful off season.




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T-Bird. You make it sound so easy. Good job. A real fan.

Thanks bro. Man, I went to every training camp til they moved it to OM. They had about 20,000 there

for just a practice in the blistering heat. There's not enough parking or seats for the fans at OM. I'd

get there at 0700, plunk my chair in the corner of the endzone opposite the gym where all the action



Good one Max. Very funny. LOL

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