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Suggs in better shape


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Good sign. The Ravens need him to have a solid season and being too heavy does not work for aging vets.




OWINGS MILLS – Terrell Suggs wouldn’t say how much weight he had lost since mandatory minicamp in June. However, the veteran linebacker was clearly in better shape, looking forward to his 13th training camp with the Ravens that begins Thursday.

“I totally feel a lot different than the last time I was up here,” said Suggs on Wednesday, admitting he wasn’t in playing shape in June.

“I feel great, ready to get out there and work in camp. We shed some (pounds). Not quite at the weight, but we at good fighting weight. We’re going to use this time to shed some more.”http://www.csnbaltimore.com/blog/ravens-talk/suggs-reports-training-camp-better-shape


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Suggs refused to gloat about the Patriots’ problems as he reported for camp starting Thursday. Instead, Suggs is trying to ignore the Patriots.

“You know what, all I can say, it’s fortunate that’s not a Baltimore Ravens problem,” Suggs said. “We’re going to let them handle it, answer their questions. We really on focus on Baltimore Ravens football and Ravens nation. I don’t really care too much about that.”

A year ago at this time, the Ravens were entering camp with the controversy surrounding former running back Ray Rice. Suggs likes the current atmosphere better.

“It’s good to come into camp with no major negative storyline concerning us. We’re ready to get after it. We all kind of know the expectations. We did do great last year. We know where we finished at. We fell short. We don’t want to fall short anymore.”http://www.csnbaltimore.com/blog/ravens-talk/instead-gloating-about-bradys-troubles-suggs-ignores-them


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