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Penis Jokes Turn TSA Worker Testy; Attacks Co-Worker, Say Police


MIAMI (CBS/WFOR/AP) According to police, a Miami International Airport security screener "lost his mind" and attacked a co-worker, after being repeatedly mocked for not being so impressive...y'know...masculinely...south of the border.


Okay: The other guy said he had a tiny penis.


Rolando Negrin was arrested Tuesday night on charges of aggravated battery after allegedly beating up a co-worker with a not-at-all-phallic baton.


The co-worker had reportedly mocked his genitalia for the past year after Negrin walked through a new, high-tech body scanner.


Linger on that: this guy apparently got made fun of for a full year.


Workers with the Transportation Security Administration saw the 44-year-old's body during training of full-body imaging machines. The alleged victim of the attack apparently latched onto Negrin's package, and just wouldn't let go of it. Metaphorically.


The police report says Negrin told police he "could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind." The victim was not seriously injured.


A TSA spokesman said in a statement Thursday that Negrin will be suspended and an internal inquiry will be launched.


The high-tech scanners, also called "Passenger Imager" machines, were introduced to Miami International Airport in July 2008. The machine passes electromagnetic waves over a passengers' body which creates an image that looks like a fuzzy negative. Screeners look at this fuzzy negative picture to see what's underneath passengers' clothing.




I saw somewhere else that it was his supervisor that was making fun of him.

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There are some things you just don't joke about. For women it's how big their butt is. For men it's their little pecker.

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If he was making fun of anything for a year tormenting another, he probably deserves a beat down.

No doubt the dude was a real asshole. He had it coming.

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