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Harbaugh to USC?


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Well that's the rumor Dan Patrick started on his national show.


When your 1-4, all types of conspiracy rumors start when you

fall from the top in such a short time.


Mikie Prestone doesn't think it will happen. He's too close to

the owner and Ozzie and has no connection to USC whatsoever.


But who would have thunk Jim would leave the 49ers to MIchigan

a year ago.


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And speaking of disasters, those were great programs at

one time that fell from the top.


It happens a lot but especially in the NFL with the CAP,

injuries and retirements, the SB champs don't stay

champs long.


Ravens have such a great organization and great at drafting

that they got into the POs 5 straight years, 6 of 7 years

after dismantling their SB 47 team that came within

those years.

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I meant to say this side of NE and it helps to have the

best QB in the game with weapons but don't forget,

NE is in an easy division w/o any competition

(certainly not tough like AFC-N) so they

usually get into the POs but there were years when even

they missed. I think Brady has only missed POs twice -

02 and 08.


NFL.com has Kelly and Payton as to candidates for


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And don't forget, Ravens have had more success beating

them in the POs in NE than anyone winning 2 or 4 PO

games up there.


Not too bad and it took a lot of cheating, trickery and bending

of the rules for them to win those 2 games vs a banged up


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