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Griffey Jr. Retiring

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Well I remember some dozen-or so years ago pundits talking that he would be the one to break 756 HRs, and ending his career with 630 and his injuries suggests what could have been... Aaron is safe for now, and probably for a long time from now. I was assuming that Griffey Jr. would retire a Mariner, the decision was past due by a few years I think, but better this way at "home".

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I think this sums him up pretty well, sans injuries...


from http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/stats?playerId=2148


Seasonal Averages (per 162 games played)


16.49 162 594 101 169 32 2 38 111 80 108 11 4 .284 .370 .538 .908


more the "sweet-swinger" like Palmeiro, not a power guy.

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Here's a mathematical "What If" regarding Griffey's HR totals, adjusted for injuries; a divinely powerful number results. Stan Lee couldn't have scripted it better... http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=stark_jayson&id=5247355


Somehow, I completely either repressed or never knew that Bonds broke Aaron's record! When the hell did that happen? Wow, i've really not cared about baseball too much lately...

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I think more than anything was how Griffey revolutionized the way young people looked at baseball. Not only did the guy have the sweetest swing ever, but his highlight reel, Gold Glove play in center made every kid want to play centerfield much in the same way Cal made every kid want to play shortstop. Griffey tracked an amazing amount of ground in the outfield and he made a habit of robbing homeruns look easy. In my opinion, the guy marketized baseball in a way it had not been before. He had his own shoe with Nike, had his own personalized glove, he was on the cover of video games, he was in commercials, and of course, the excitement he brought to the homerun derby that fans here in Baltimore could definitely attest to. He had a swagger both at the plate and in the field that very few baseball players could actually backup. The guy was simply electic to watch with all the things he could do on the baseball field.

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