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The Ravens keep getting respect this off season...and it's been a good off season so far for the Ravens.


With rookies entrenched in offseason workouts and the majority of free-agent movement and trades finalized, it's time to recalibrate how teams stack up one through 32 -- in June.


The more I examined teams, their schedules and the like, there's a team in Southern California that is teed up for a big season, and one in crab country not far behind.



1. Chargers -- The Bolts run game improves with rookie Ryan Mathews, and they play just two playoff teams in the first 10 games.


2. Ravens -- WR Anquan Boldin plus RB Ray Rice plus QB Joe Flacco makes this offense as fearsome as the defense.


3. Mexico's Team -- This team boasts enviable depth. If it can survive its early schedule





It's all on paper at the moment but I'll take it. It feels like the Ravens have turned a corner in the national perception....having an offense will do that.



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I would be happy but anyone stupid enough to say the Chargers are the #1 team in the league isn't trustworthy. That team got way worse this off-season in my opinion, I'm not expecting big things from them.

Likewise, I'm not expecting the Ravens to be way better offensively, just hoping; they have to prove something to earn the kind of accolades they're receiving. too much hype, let's wait at least until game 4 of preseason to make any real predictions.

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