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Why i hate Steeler fans


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I hate the fans that i have to talk to daily....






I facking hate Pittsburgh Steeler fans, it makes me sick.


1. our quarterback is a rapist.

2. our quarterback is a rapist.

3. our quarterback is a rapist.

4. our quarterback is a rapist.

5. our quarterback is a rapist.

6. steeler fans think there the best in the world

7. steeler fans are very obnoxious

8. steeler fans are so deluded, they think they have the right that the super bowl is theres every year

9. steeler fans dont take no for an answer

10. steeler fans think there always right

11. steelr fans think the world revolves around pittsburgh steelers.


any raven fans agree with me LOL

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haha bret michaels lol he's a legend.


LOL snopp dogg is one of the biggest bandwagoners you can get.


i mean i know im not american but i stay up until 2-6am to watch every game on the internet.... snopp could support the 49ers, raiders, chargers.... but yet he supports the steelers back in the 70's LOL.... and mysteriously has shown up at the penguin games since we drafted sidney crosby LOL


Yeah we have alot of bandwagoners, but i think the Saints hit an all time record after this past season. lol

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