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CJ Mosley's sophomore slump?


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As a rookie he just missed DROY by 7 votes to Donald. He made the pro bowl team as a rookie but he

seemed to enter a sophomore slump with less tackles (not by much) and some not so hot coverage skills as

always mentioned by our own T. Sylvestor. PFF seems to agree with him here and gave CJ a bad rating of


CJ doesn't worry about critics like T. He had an off-season wrist injury that kept him from working out but he

didn't use it as an excuse. He also had another good linebacker D. Smith taking tackles from him causing his

output to dwindle but he just missed his projection by 17. He's working hard this off season and to improve.

In spite of all the doom and not making the pro bowl again he was an alternate for the all star game in Hawaii

as his tackles numbers increased in the 2d half and the Ravens defense lost 14 of 16 games by only 8 points.

Linebackers: C.J. Mosley, Ravens (-4.8) and Manti Te’o, Chargers (-4.8)

Mosley’s grade comes almost entirely from his poor run defense. He had nine total tackles on the day, but only three of them were stops, and those were all in the passing game. Against the run he was just unable to get involved in anything early on in plays, which led to his poor grade. Te’o struggled in coverage, as all six targets he saw were completed for 58 yards. He also missed two tackles on the day, and finished with a poor run defense grade as well.

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CJ got a higher grade of +2.9 vs Denver in Wk 1 and of course the eventual SB champs.


Note their comment on the o-line which is why we lost the game, not CJ. Joe was Killed

in the trenches again with 22 of 34 pressures and he had 2.49 secs to throw and this is why

I'd be really excited with LT Ronnie Stanley but he could be drafted by 3rd spot.


PFF breaks down LT Tunsil called the best player in the entire country picked to go #1

by Kiper and others.






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I've never liked Mosley in one on one coverage, Le'veon Bell has his way with mosley in the passing game. I thought coming out of college that pass coverage was a strength of his but in the pros it's a real weakness. If we address the linebacker spot next to Mosley, then the guy has to be at least above average in the passing game because mosley downright sucks at it. That way we can take mosley off of the field on obvious passing downs.

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I think he was a product of a bad D in gen this season. As the D got better he was playing better too. Pees reorganizing the D after the bye helped everyone including CJ.

Yikes, I agree with you. The entire D was bad and it effected everyone. CJ almost

won DROY. He can't be as bad as T. Sylvestor says and he got better as the defense did as

Smurf pointed out.


We didn't lose because of him in Denver.

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No he didn't.


The corner back got his hand on the ball and tiped it. He even said he touched the ball and the

replay shos it.


In fact, if you watch the replay, he tips it back into SRs hands but the ball hits his hands harder

than he anticipated so it bounces off his hands and into his chest and off his chest.


Almost similar to the Lee Evans drop and in defense of Evans, there was very little

separation and the CB was so close to him he was able to stick his hand down there and

knock it out.


Someone said here that SR makes that catch 9 of 10 times. That was the 10th time but only

because the CB got his hand on the ball.


Ravens lost it in the trenches again with Joe getting sacked twice plus a lot of pressures

and 2 picks.


The defense won the game holding Denver to 4 FGs. That should have won it but with all the

pressures and 2 sacks, Joe had a bad game. That was a bad throw to SR above.

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