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Fifth-Oldest Roster


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It happens when you're building for a Super Bowl run...Ozzie has loaded it with experience and proven players.

He did the same thing to build the 2000 team.


In their bid to win a Super Bowl, Baltimore will bring the NFL's fifth-oldest team to its McDaniel College workouts, according to a published survey.


Here is the current "Over-30 Club" membership list, with dates of birth:


WR Derrick Mason: January 17, 1974

CB Walt Harris: August 10, 1974

LB Ray Lewis: May 15, 1975

DE Trevor Pryce: August 3, 1975

C Matt Birk: July 23, 1976

LB Brendan Ayanbadejo: September 6, 1976

NT Kelly Gregg: November 1, 1976

QB Marc Bulger: April 5, 1977

K Shayne Graham: December 9, 1977

S Ed Reed: September 11, 1978

CB Travis Fisher: September 12, 1979

TE Todd Heap: March 16, 1980

K Billy Cundiff: April 30, 1980


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This dont mean squat. This seems skewed towards the over the hill (30 yr) guys. I wonder how we stack up using the mean age of team. I suspect we are "middle of the pack".


I think you are rigth, and when we cut, I believe we will be just there.


We have only 11-12 rookies when other teams have like 20-22 at this time.. a number we normally have. And we do have a record of 30 RFA/EFAs, Players like Cundiff, Beck, Clayton, Koch, Chester, and Dwill is older than the average, and hard to consider those people as old.


Btw drafting a mormon each year, (who spends two year to a non football related mission) like Hale, Kruger and Pitta is not helping the case.. Pitta is 25!

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The Ravens are only about 6 months older than the NFL average team age....about a year up on the youngest teams.

What's important is the age of the impact players...like Ray, Mason, Gregg, Reed, Birk, Pryce....they have develop players who can fill those positions in the next year or two.

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