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30 for 30 Elway to Marino


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I know this came out a while ago but I just caught it the other day on Espn. Fascinating, simply fascinating to hear how this all went down and why, exactly, Elway insisted on not playing for the Baltimore Colts, well, more so for Irsay. Frankly, who could blame him, especially after hearing how Irsay screwed the pooch on that deal... Worth the time to watch, even you crav with your revisionist history....


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Irsay could have had 3 number 1's, I came away feeling really bad for Ernie. While they ended up getting a very good player, 3 # 1's wow... There is no way I would have played for Irsay either.


Dan falling was shocking, the Jets, passing on him, but it all worked out well for him.

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