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NFL Admits to making money on Patriotism


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Admitting it is a start.

They market Patriotism to associate themselves with something good....like Mom and apple pie. The military needs all the good publicity it can get. It's a marriage.


It is so hard for me to sit through that pre game segment where they try to get everybody's tears out singing "I'm proud to be an American."

Well I am proud and I love my country but I see through this and their motives make it crap to me. They don't fool me.

What's wrong with just singing the national anthem? That's all that was done for decades. It was simple, clean and pure.

Now it's a million dollar extravaganza.



It was reported last year that the NFL charged the United States Military for taking part in acts of patriotism during and prior to games in the three seasons leading up to the 2015 campaign. Facing a ton of pressure from the government and fans alike, the league has decided to pay taxpayers back with a grand total of over $700,000......In putting the league and its teams on blast, former GOP Republican candidate and current Arizona Senator John McCain indicated that the DOD had paid out nearly $7 million for the ceremonies in the past.....It remains to be seen whether lawmakers will be happy with the $700,000 payout, but something tells us that’s not going to be the case here...A multi billion-dollar industry, the NFL paying out less than $1 million to taxpayers after receiving nearly $7 million for paid patriotism seems to be nothing more than the suits in New York City attempting to provide hush money.

It likely won’t work...........http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-to-pay-taxpayers-over-dollar700k-after-%E2%80%98paid-patriotism%E2%80%99-scandal/ar-BBtg8UZ?li=BBnb7Kz


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