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Week 2 at Cleveland Browns


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I can't watch this, we've been in the shotgun since play 1. No sort of continuity to the offense or play calling. Looks like a chicken with its head cutoff. I tried to defend Trestman last year, gave him the benefit of the doubt, but this is not working.

I was suspect of that hire. I just don't think Harbs has a clue as to how offense works so he just trusts the OC to a fault.



Where does the team go from here? Another 5-7 win season?

That is what I predicted for over a month now.

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After it looking like it would be 31-0 at the half....I'll take it.


64.2 QB rating for Joe. McCown 113 even though he'll end up on the sideline with a matching arm sling to RG3.

time of possession almost even.

Ravens 189 yards to 261

No running game 3.4 ypc...37 yards :nono:

1 turnover.

Third Downs...Amazing since the Browns were 5 for 5 at one point...Ravens 6 for 9, Browns 6 for 8.

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