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ACC Championships pulled from North Carolina


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Huge economic blow to them.

ACC officials are meeting with Orlando officials on Tuesday to hold the ACC Championship Football game in Orlando.


2 downsides to this:

the weekend of the ACC Championship is also the weekend of the Florida High School Championships. I know money talks, but....


And if Florida St is in it, the revenue wouldn't be as good, their fanbase wouldn't need 2 day or 3 day hotel stays and they wouldn't need to eat in the Orlando vicinity, they would know where the cheaper eateries would be.

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as a Carolina girl i am highly disappointed in my state

the governor is a huge dick Pat McCrory

I am very happy these entities are making a stand NBA gone

lots of planned businesses yanked their move to Charlotte


it's funny

i see it as

certain people made the argument that corporations are humans and it seems some corps are acting humanly

backfire on the corporate rights bitches

love rules and this Prick running for President and the current Gov are just ugly from inside out people.

go fuck yourself McCrory

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Sad it's the citizens of NC and these local economies that will suffer, not the politicians who make the rules. NC is a horribly gerrymandered state so it's not entirely the citizens fault, even if you want to say it's their fault for voting for these guys. Could something else have been done to send the same message but not hurt the citizens and local NC communities that rely on these events? I'm not sure. Just a sad situation.

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The citizens need to take it out on the politicians at the polls. They have a chance Nov 8.

You're right, NC has a governor election coming up with could be huge. NC is so horribly gerrymandered. NC already has two or three more Republican congressmen then they should have based on the stats. On the state representation level it's probably even worse. Gerrymandering creates polarizing candidates, so even rational voters of the majority party feel like they are continually choosing between the lesser of two evils. It should be illegal.

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