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Ravens/Indigenous Persons Game


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This game is not meaningless. Not for players who are trying to win a roster spot. Not for coaches who must develop their units for the upcomming season. Not for football starved fans

like the one below...



I want to see how well the O line executes with a gimpy/probable Birk at center and 'Anybodies Guess' at RT. Michael Oher needs a little redeeming himself....so....

Can they protect Joe and Road Grade?


I like facing McNabb because we'll find out quickly if this is a pretend secondary. Hopefully we'll see a continuation of an improved pass rush. I want to see more of Barnes, Kruger and Redding....I know what they have in Pryce.


Other questions....Can Reed catch as well as Samantha Seff of the Lingerie Football League ?



Who can seperate from the pack of linebackers trying to win a spot next to Ray?


The Indigenous Persons put up 42 on the hapless Bills last week. Tonight they are 3 points favorites at home. Who goes home a winner?


"There's more excitement on the parking lot!"


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The Bad---We let McNappy throw for 206 yards IN THE FIRST HALF!!!


Mis-Match. I know this is what you always look for in a game but Santana Moss vs. Edgar Jones and vs. Jameel McClain. Blitz or not, they have to make sure things like this don't happen.


The Ugly--Joe Flaccos 67 passer rating, he looked horrible yesterday


You think Rex isn't going to use the cover 2 when Joe takes the field Monday Night?

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