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My Big Worry

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The big thing that worries me about tonight's game is that it will be played with such intensity there will be a ton of injuries. Something like that can cripple a team for the rest of the season.


I'm an old-timer. In 1960, the Colts were 6-2 and in first place with four games to go. That eighth game was against the villainous Bears. The Colts won but were so beat up they lost the last 4 games of the season. And that was the end of the late '50s glory run.


Here's hoping I'm wrong about tonight.

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Good point rm52...speed.


Everywhere I turn the Ravens are picked to win tonight and go to the Super Bowl. Even Kornheiser has them.

That worries the shit out of me. K.O.D.


Next worry...MNF...the Ravens stink on MNF. They find a way to flop in front of national audiences. They shouldn't, with all the playoff experience they have but....


Next: Road game vs playoff team and contender.


I can list what makes ne comfortable:

Great coaching. They have this team ready, conditioned and well prepared.

Deep talent on O. They will find a way to score more than the Jets O.


The Jets strength vs the Ravens strength...Jet D vs Raven O...Push with slight edge to Ravens.


The Jets weakness vs Ravens weakness...Jet O vs...Well...The Ravens D ain't weak... :D Advantage Ravens.

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