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The past two weeks, Bazooka Joe's numbers:46 of 68 518 yards, 4 td's 1 INT, 67.6% completion rate, and a 103.7 passer rating.


These numbers are against Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Yes Joe stumbled out of the gate..Was it due to un-familiarity with his new toys? was it going up against 2 former Ravens DC's?


But putting up those numbers in the past two weeks against 2 division opponents, is nothing short of spectacular. Did Joe turn the corner?


Stay Tuned..

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Denver and its 17th ranked pass defense should provide another formidable test for Joe. Joe's miraculous effort last Sunday was his breakout game, however, how he perform in this game may be even more important.


You recall last year everyone was bantering about how great Denver was - I think they started out 6-0 or something. We were totally amped up and blow them out. This year, nobody is talking about them even though they beat Tennessee in their house last week.


Harbs needs to prepare and keep this team focused as if its another Steeler game. Thats the challenge.

Denver is a solid team !

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