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The Pats 'revenge factor' doesn't bother me because this is a Smashmout Ravens team. For the Ravens it's like "Big deal. Bring it on." No way the Pats can punch this team in the mouth and physically beat them.

No way.


Now Bellichek having 2 weeks to prepare a game plan worries me.

That's an advantage. Home field is an advantage.

Getting passing matchups on the Ravens linebackers is an advantage after what I've seen in the pre season and regular season.

Toss in an experienced, proven game winning QB in Tom Brady and that is huge in the advantage collum.


But there's not much more for the Pats that I can see.


But the Ravens have plenty of their own advantages.

The have a big physical O line and smashmouth power running game that will wear out the Pats D by the 4th quarter.

Then there's the receiving corps...Heap. Mason, Bouldin, TJ...Ozzie got them just for games like these. To win the high scoring games and the close ones.


Cundiff and the kicking game should at least neutralize the Pats special teams.


The D will take away the run and make the Pats a 1 dimensional passing team...which Brady has plenty of experience doing. It should be a short/intermediate pass game that will test the Ravens LB's and secondary so like last week against the Broncos....tackle the receiver immediately.


And...the Ravens coaching staff are no slouches either. They will have a say in off-setting the 'Bellicheat' advantage.


"Can't wait to see you again Tom!


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