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I am hearing that Mark Texeira will be at the ravens game today as the guest of Peter Angelos.

If he is we need to get a we want tex chant started.

it is cool that the ravens and the orioles are finally using each other to promote the teams.

i hope you guys leave this in the ravens thread for a little while so people going to the game can see it.

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PA has always been pretty good at the "wooing" side of things. But it hasn't really convinced anyone to play for him.


But everyone from Miggy to Vlad Guerrero to Brian Jordan has gotten the star treatment... planes flying to pick them up, expensive dinners with PA, etc etc...


Pleased tosee PA is using the power of the Ravens, though...

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He could be a major "Cal Ripkin" like star here. Elsewhere just another big name in a crowd of big names.


Good point. Even this Cincinnati Reds fan has the upmost respect for Cal. Mark Texeira...not so much.

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Schmuck can't deny anything... but he doesn't entirely believe it.


He first heard about it on his own radio show yesterday. Then he heard reports that it had been on ESPN, but he hasn't been able to get any confirmation from them. The poster at O's Hangout is well-trusted, but reported it well after the rumors started on Schmuck's radio show earlier in the day...


Could all be true... maybe it is... maybe Buster Olney will break with it soon... but so far, nothing confirmed.

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He's a St Joe guy...he'll sign here plain and simple.

One thing about Mount Men...they are bred and educated to know the system and how to win and beat it...he's just wringing every single penny he can get out of Pete...then he'll sign at the breaking point.

He'll sign for less than he can get elsewhere, but it still will be a ton of money.

Loyalty, home, family, friends and that "Baltimore water" will make it too hard for him to go elsewhere.


He's one of us.

Believe me.

I have knowledge of things they are not wanting you to know.


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