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Tom Bosley, the actor who played Mr. Cunningham on “Happy Days,” has died, according to the website TMZ.


Bosley was most known for his role as Howard Cunningham or "Mr. C" on the sitcom that ran for 11 years on ABC.


It doesn’t seem that other media have verified the information on the celebrity site, but Twitter has been buzzing with rumors of Bosley's death today. Update: The Associated Press reached Bosley's agent and confirmed his death just before 1 p.m.


TMZ quotes fellow “Happy Days” actor Henry Winkler saying “Tom Bosley was our mentor. He was a true artist ... a great husband, and a fabulous father and grandfather. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.”





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I thought he was cool. I wanted to find a clip where he offers Richie a Lifesaver after he loses the basketball game, but I cannot find it anywhere. Oddly enough many other people seem to remember the same clip because I keep reading about it.

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Two blasts from the pasts now gone. RIP Mr Cunningham and Mr Cleaver, both now in tv heaven.

Mister Cleaver!?! His name was Ward! Let me guess, "Leave it to Beaver" didn't get a lot of airtime in your country.

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