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Tornado returns for the playoffs

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I'm back to talk Raven football and not to get involved in politics on this board. We beat Cincy in much the same manner they beat Indy. Close game throughout and a big defensive turnover late in the game for the win. Then it's off to Kansas City.

Burflict is out but four of our key players are questionable. Green has to be double teamed throughout like game 1. One big problem that I see though? It's Marvin's last game in the league. Those Bengals are going to want a big win for him. Ravens 30-23.

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Just hung my Ravens flag outside. :gorave:

Not being able to go to today's game is killing me but I can't risk being out in this cold for over 4 hours. If the game would have been yesterday then I would have gone. Temps in the

upper 20's didn't feel too bad. I kept hanging out on my front porch to see if I could handle it. I guess I'm a healthy scratch but I really believe in this team and want to show my support.

They didn't quit when many of us did. That's good, solid team character and chemistry.


I was as disappointed and disillusioned as most Ravens fans during the up and down 3-4 start.


This is a huge game for many reasons.

1. Obviously the playoff implications. There has been a drought and droughts can continue. A lot of NFL fans can attest to that.

2. This young roster needs playoff experience. They also need the taste because that fuels the hunger to get back to the playoffs. It fuels their work ethic....and it's a huge part of what motivates them.

3. Winning is the best formula to bring the fans back.

4. The Bengals have the Ravens number. They will play hard to be spoilers. Do the Ravens disappoint and prove they are a weak team that needs a lot of changes? They have faltered off and on all season long. I think the Ravens team character and chemistry will win out.

5. Revenge. As a fan, I want another shot at the Jaguars, Steelers....and the Patriots.



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As far as this being Marvins last game and the Bengals wanting to win big for him?

Well the Ravens D will be even more motivated....



Pees, who has been on head coach John Harbaugh’s staff since 2010 and has been the defensive coordinator since 2012, is again contemplating retirement following this season......and ESPN wrote Sunday morning that Pees is expected to retire at season's end....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bs-sp-pees-retirement-20171231-story.html


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