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Billick to Mexico's Team?


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I think Mike's on to something here....


It's the perfect scenario for Billick. Football is different in Dallas. It's not a game, but a way of life. Billick can schmooze the corporate types and season ticket holders with his five-syllable, $50 words, and the media wouldn't be able to get enough of Billick and America's team.


He'd win the players over instantly. He'd go in talking about treating them like men, and give them the Camp Cream Puff training camp. One of Billick's major strengths has always been as an organizer, and those players would eat it up along with Lewis and Billick showing off their Super Bowl rings.


The players already want to prove it was Phillips' fault in 2010, and Billick would pull out the us-against-the-world theme again.


Billick would love this team. They got a good quarterback in Tony Romo, even though he chokes in big games. They have two good hard runners in Marion Barber and Felix Jones.



matheson.jpg"Hey! Billick could get Matt Cavanaugh too!"


I think Billick would come back as a better HC.

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I think that would be a great move for Jones as well. Billick's act got a little old in his ninth (i think) year, but early on the Ravens fed off of his confidence and charisma. The problem is, Billick has a perception problem. He is a superbowl winning coach that is hardly ever mentioned in the same breath as Cowher, Gruden, and Dungy when it comes to being a possible candidate for marquee openings around the league. People outside of Baltimore (and some within) associate him with the years of offensive futility here in Baltimore, and as the guy who blew years of defensive dominance. He isn't held in high regard like those other guys I mentioned even though he has his own Superbowl Ring

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Billick to Minnesota could happen too. Childress is a 'Dead Man Walking'.


Billick owns property there...coached there...yada yada yada.


Now...guys like Gruden, Cower are also sitting in HC Purgatory. Marvin Lewis might be joining them. Singletary too. If Jones wants to stay in the public eye then Billick or Cower would be the right names.


Then there's the recent trend to hire young co-ordinators.



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