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Skins trade for Alex Smith


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Wow. No this is not April foolz early..


They give up a 3rd pick and a player...

But trading for Smith comes at a cost as well. A steep one. Giving the Chiefs a third-round pick isn't bad; Washington will get a pick in the same round in 2019 as compensation when Cousins signs with someone in free agency. However, also included in the deal for Smith, according to sources, is cornerback Kendall Fuller, who is entering his third season and coming off an excellent year.


And it's hard to feel great about paying a quarterback who turns 34 in May an average of $23.5 million per year. Smith will receive $71 million guaranteed. However, the details of his contract haven't come out yet, and those will be crucial. What are his cap hits in the first few years? When can the Redskins get out of the deal? If Smith plays well, the money will be fine.





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