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Eric DeCosta: It’s never too soon to take a quarterback


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That’s led some to wonder if the Ravens might make a bigger addition to the depth chart. DeCosta isn’t ruling anything out, including using the team’s first-round pick in that direction.

“If we really like the guy and he’s there, it’s not soon enough,” DeCosta told the team’s website when asked if it’s ever too soon to draft a quarterback.



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I'm usually not a fan of USC & UCLA qb's, but Rosen I really like, I see the Giants don't if their recent trade is any indication...


I am still a fan of trading back if one of three players aren't there, well 4 if we count Rosen. Mayfield, Rosen, Ridley, Sutton.


I might even stretch that to Kirk, an over reach yes, but picking him there would be better than taking a defensive player as "the best player on their board".


But trading back to 21-25 would get quality extra picks, and allow them to get Kirk & Gesicki.


I don't want to hear they couldn't get a deal, take less if they have to to ensure they don't take defense in rd 1-3 and instead get the wide out, tight end, offensive linemen...

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Good news. I hope they are serious about this and not just blowing smoke. if they take a QB, take it in the 1st round, somebody to replace Flacco. I never ever thought I would be saying this about Joe. But if the only way to have success is to load the team with all quality receivers, then that indicates that Joe is not doing what he was hired to do- make plays.

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