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Cam's Brick Wall Offense


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Here's Cams thinking...


"1st down...O line can't pass protect! Well dammit let's try it again.



"Hmm. Not this time either. Well let's throw it again!



"Ok..Ok... punt! but I know they are thinking we're going to run so I'll trick them! We'll keep throwing!"


Hence the birth of the 2010 Cam's Brick Wall Offense. They didn't run in the pre season...didn't warm up Rice one lick...the O line hardly executed running plays in the pre season because Cam had no intention of the run being the base of a successfull 2010 Ravens offense.


Just keep repeating the same mistake while expecting different results.


I'm not falling for the excuse that the O was behind by 10 points Thursday night And had to start throwing. King says it best...


A bad night for Baltimore offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. As Flacco kept getting pressured, I said to my big-screen TV: "Where's Rice? Give it to Rice!'' The best offensive player on the field for the Ravens, with apologies to Anquan Boldin, was Rice (15 touches, 102 yards), and yet the Ravens had a 63-37 pass-run ratio. Should have been the other way around on a night when they rushed 21 times for 116 yards -- a 5.5 yards-per-carry average. When you hand it to Rice three times on the first series of the night, and he gets 11, 13 and five yards, and then you hand it to him nine times the rest of the game, I've got a real problem with that play-calling.



When the line is getting their ass handed to them trying to pass protect, then give them a shot to take out their frustration road grading. Just keep pounding it. That's agressive. That softens the pass rush.

Shit...the Falcon D was was undersized and they are the key to that D. Beat that door in and the rest caves.

Then the time of possesion battle swings the Ravens way.

The horses are there in Rice, McGahee and McLain. Try some 2008 3 headed monster game plan for days like this.




Go back to 2000...go for 2-3 big plays a game...only with this O, if they are pounding the ball it could be 5-6 big plays with all the playmakers they have.

The run should be the foundation.


"I'm not saying anything..."


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I'm not impressed with the offense at all, however the full blame for this game falls on Mattison. Ryan looked like he was throwing against a college defense out there. In actuality, he indeed was throwing against a college defense since it's clear that Mattison does not know what it takes to run an NFL defense. Mattison should be dismissed immediately. I'm not saying the defense doesn't have holes, what I'm saying is that there's waaaaaaay tooooo much talent and experience on this defensive roster for 80 yards in 40 seconds to happen.


If Harbs had any nuts whatsoever he would address an obvious weakness.

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Got to disagree yeager.


You have an ageing, slower Ray Lewis..he can't cover or run sideline to sideline....a gimpy and slowed down Ed Reed...Ed's 50%.

....only great players left are Ngata and Suggs.

Teams double Suggs because they don't have to worry about anyone else.


The rest of the lot are 2nd tier or average.


It's not Matteson.

It's lack of talent on the D.

The years of drafting for O have caught up.

No DC can overcome that...not even Ray Lewis.

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Rex ryan went to an average jets defensive team and made them awesome! Their talent level isn't awesome either. Kris jenkins went out the first game of the year and the defense keeps on chugging. They have a glaring cover weakness with leonard and yet they manage to disguise coverage and create pressure from odd angles etc. We put corners on a plateau and blitz syraight ahead all at once. We eont drop lineman into coverage to confuse, we don't delay blitz, and we don't play enough "tight" zone. Our corners play about 3 miles off their receiver in zone coverage. All of this correctable by a coordinator.

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They did nothing to help the O-line out. I thought for sure they would come out in max to give Joe time but they never did. They were beating us with just 4 down linemen. You keep Heap in, you run your WRs deep, you get Ray to chip someone on his way out for short passes. Or, you run the ball.


Ray was 4.9 a pop!

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Go back to 2000...go for 2-3 big plays a game...only with this O, if they are pounding the ball it could be 5-6 big plays with all the playmakers they have.

The run should be the foundation.



I dont think we can, we dont have a Jamal type bruiser back..We give the ball 25-30 times to Ray Rice and he'll wind up on IR. Its selective rushing.

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This D is just not that talented anymore. Our front seven was dominating and our secondary better now average.


2006 D vs 2010 D.. Then 9 PBers now 4.


Pryce.. PBer who played great.. Now Redding who is not even average.

Gregg .. Who played at PB level.. Now declining who is not even average

Ngata .. Great rookie.. Now outstanding


AD.. PBer had his best year ever, dominating.. Now JJ average

Ray .. PBer four years younger.. Now four years older

Scott .. PBer his Breakout year (btw 5th year in the league).. Now McClain,Ellerbe, Gooden, Philips; average hopefully improvements to come (and btw five years together in the league)

Suggs .. PBer.. Now PBer


C-Mac .. PBer.. Now Foxworth.. oh IR now who, below average

Rolle .. Declining PBer still solid.. Carr, below average


Landry .. Rookie.. Now average

Reed .. PBer.. Now declining PBer


Bold; At least six positions when we had players who dominated, now nothing like that.


Tired of the Rex Ryan love, fact is that his units in 2005 and 2007, with much more talent played much worse than last years D.. and you could argue even this 2010 D.


Where is all those Rex Ryan players in this defense? Ngata.. Great a firstrounder, impressive and sure Landry, thats is the legacy of the migthy Rex! Okay to be nice you can say JJ and Edwards too.


Rex Ryan is the one who had Ed Reed in his prime and Ray still dominating, Rex failed to develop replacements for Pryce, Gregg, AD, Scott, C-mac..(or De Costa, not getting him the talent?) Rex failed in contrast to Lewis and Nolan to develop players like AD, Scott, Gregg, JJ, Edwards... It took a lot of time for them to be starters..


Mattison has not that time, he is the one who now has the same task like Nolan in 2002, to ask young players with limited experience to contribute and btw undrafted players like Carr, McKinney, McClain and Ellerbe.

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Ryan has Revis and Cromartie...put those two on the Ravens and you have at least a top 5 D.


You can't do much up front without solid corners who can cover. Blitz and you get killed. You can't do the 'exotic' stuff without good corners.

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Mattison will be dismissed at the end of the season. Or at least he should be. This D is not so void of talent that 80 yards in 40 secs should have happened. That's what everyone is failing to realize. I don't think anyone is trying to make the point that this "D" should be just as good as some of our absolutely dominant "D's". What most people think is this should be a serviceable D. Capable of preventing a team from strolling downfield 80 yards in record time. It's not like we faced Manning, Brady, or Rivers last night, it was Matt Ryan. He's good, but cmon man, he hasn't looked like that all year. There's no argument, there is alot a legit NFL D coordinator can do to improve this defense. Another indicator that it's Mattison is the fact that we have trouble at stopping the run or pass at various points in all games this year. It's as if Mattison has no idea what's coming and hasn't prepared and/or called a good counter play and our guys are left out holding their jocks. This defense should have been capable of stopping Ryan on that last play, the only one to blame is Mattison.

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Max, you said it yourself. If the Pats can shutdown the Steelers with a bunch of no names, there is no excuse for Mattison with this defense. We have a lot of talent on the defense, Mattison is not utilizing it.


Didn't Mattison shut down the Steelers? More so than the Pats, from what I remember? And don't give me the Big Ben crap - he hurts as much as helps because they don't give the ball to Mendenhall as much as they should (just like we should give it to RR more).


Meanwhile... Yager, Revis was definitely known (around the league at least) to be one of the best corners in the game before Rex got there. No doubt about that. It would be like saying Ngata was not a household name before this year or last... doesn't mean they aren't still fantastic.


80 yards on the final drive was the result of, in no particular order: a defense that had been on the field for 35+ minutes, a fingertip catch that almost wasn't, a pass interference call that got them a first down (not that it was wrong, just that it extended), and a pass interference call that should have been. That's not all Mattison. And you all bark about White being single-covered on that touchdown. Guess what? That's because Mattison blitzed like you are all bitching about! The blitzing comes with its own drawbacks... one being that you can't double cover every great player AND blitz on every damn down.

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Yeager...brother!...:)...I'm not saying Matteson is real good or great.

He might be part of the problem....but I won't know that until he has something to work with.


I heard on the radio today that this Ravens defense is giving up more 4th quarter points than the '96 or '97 units did.

That is very, very bad.

Guess who was the DC of that group?

Marvin Lewis.

Model wanted to fire him. Ozzie said Marvin's not the problem. He just needs more talent on defense. Ozzie went and got it and now Marvin Lewis is a defensive genius.


Same situation right now. Read what Preston says today...

As the New York Jets get bigger, the legend of their head coach Rex Ryan grows in Baltimore.


Ever since the Ravens lost to the Atlanta Falcons Thursday in a last minute comeback by the Falcons, we keep hearing comparisons of Ryan and current Ravens defensive coordinator Greg Mattison, which is unfair to both men.


Ryan was a great assistant coach and coordinator here, and he has done a terrific job in New York during the last two seasons. Mattison has also done a good job in Baltimore as well, but he hasn't been here long enough to establish a reputation as a coordinator in the NFL.


But to compare the two makes little sense. When Ryan was the coordinator from 2005 to 2008, middle linebacker Ray Lewis was younger and better, and so was defensive tackle Kelly Gregg. Defensive end Trevor Pryce still had enough gas in his tank to be an effective pass rusher.


There was a Pro Bowl cornerback named Chris McAlister and defensive tackle Justin Bannan, who was as good as current tackles Haloti Ngata and Gregg. Safety Ed Reed was healthy and Jim Leonhard made numerous big plays as a safety.


And then there was inside linebacker Bart Scott. He did a lot of the fill in dirty work for Lewis and could rush the quarterback as well as play pass coverage. The Ravens still haven't found another complete linebacker like Scott during the last two years.


Mattison has inherited an older and lesser talented group even though Ryan was more creative as far blitz packages go. Ryan took Leonhard, Scott and Pryce with him to New York, Bannan now plays in Denver, and McAlister has retired. The only remaining player of the bunch who has gotten better is Ngata.


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Ok, never said Revis wasn't good, I'm saying Rex has made him great. That's fact, he simply wasn't all world until Rex showed up and maximized his abilities. Revis being there before didn't propel the Jets defense to likes the Jets have seen the past two years. It was Rex.


As for Mattison needing more talent. I can't deny that and I have never said that more talent wouldn't of course help. The real situation is that Mattison is way out of his league. More talent would always help. Who has Mattison maxed out talent wise? Who has stepped up from a rookie role and really performed under Mattison? The guy has shown me nothing except the ability to call way too soft coverages, not teach his corners any attention to detail as Webb looks lost. My favorite are his everyone run straight ahead blitzes. Those work really well.


The guy is a great college coordinator, better obviously than I could be, however in the NFL, he's out of his league. Let's remember with enough talent anyone can win, Switzer won a super bowl. I'm talkin about maximizing talent and making something out of nothing. Something Mattison is absolutely not doing.

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