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Ravens struggling to score early


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When the Ravens play at the struggling Carolina Panthers on Sunday, they'll take along the NFL's hottest quarterback, a playmaking running back and a troublesome trend.


In their five road games this season, the Ravens have struggled mightily in the first quarter, managing a total of three points while getting shut out four times.


Slow starts on the road are becoming an increasing problem and appear to be more than just happenstance. The Ravens have failed to score a point in the first half of five of Joe Flacco's past 10 road games.



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If Carolina has anything (and i mean anything) going for them its their D. They have played some teams tough and, as we have seen this season, "Any Given Sunday".


Joe and Co need to come out smoking. If we dont and let Carolina hang around, we will be in for another dogfight, regardless of who is playing QB.


This is our game to right this ship !

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That's because Cam is scared shitless to open up a game like Vick did last night.


He's scared to run a spread no huddle to open a game.

He's scared to put out Bouldin, Mason and TJ for 3 straight plays....to flood the field with them, Heap and Rice.

Can't give Joe 5 targets! Can't let the opponents D get in any unfavorable 1 on 1 matchups!



"Can't let my players get fired up too early!

Let's protect the clock....walk real slow to that line of scrimage! We have to feel them out for 3 quarters before we can do anything!"


Joe might get sacked!

I say 'Joe might make the play.'

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