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Ray Lewis interview


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Ray never answers questions, he just babbles about God. Great football player, weird as hell person.




Bottom line.

Football's football.

It don't get no better.

It's simple.

Truly blessed.



Mix those up any way you want, add a few words, and you'll get 99% of Ray's interviews.



Still the best ever. Love Ray!

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You have to love his message...


The concept of playing a reduced or limited role is one that Ray Lewis isn’t contemplating at this point.


Two days after Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that he had approached the 11-time Pro Bowl inside linebacker about reducing the number of snaps to extend his career, Lewis said Wednesday that he can’t afford to leave the field to get a breather.


“If I do that, I’d cheat a whole lot of people,” he said. “… To give you an example last week, when the game was almost over right after I had that pick, Coach came and said, ‘Come out.’ And then Sizzle [outside linebacker Terrell Suggs] looked at me and said, ‘You can’t come out.’ … When I retire, I will be off the field a lot. But right now, I’ve got too much work to do, and for me to be out there, there’s no way I can leave them out there fighting that battle and say, ‘Oh, I can’t be out there with them.’ No, because ability-wise – I mean, I don’t talk about my business – but there’s no ‘backer in the game better at doing what I do. So I don’t worry about that stuff.”


At 35 and after 15 seasons, Lewis continues to play at a high level and on every down. He leads the Ravens in tackles with 91, and with the 30th interception of his career in last Sunday’s 37-13 throttling of the Carolina Panthers, he is the only player in NFL history with at least 35 sacks and 30 interceptions.


Still, Lewis said he hasn’t even considered how long he will continue playing football.


“I’ve got a heck of a group of guys right now that, if I wanted to [retire], they won’t let me,” he said. “And I haven’t even thought about that. … And every time I step on the field is just another opportunity. That’s it. I don’t look past tomorrow. That’s kind of what my message has been, not just to football players, but to people in general. We rush to tomorrow so quick [that] we forget about living in today. Right now, it’s about today. And right now, we’re 7-3, and we’re sitting in a heck of a position, and I’ve got a heck of a team on my shoulders that I’d go to battle with any day of the week. And that’s my job as a leader, to get us ready to go to 8-3.”


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